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Content management poses a significant problem for web developers attempting to build a search engine friendly website. While it is true that search engines such as Google can now index webpages built in PHP, ASP, CFM, HTML, and other extensions, using an FTP client to upload to a site from one location is not always a possibility or practical.

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Content Management Systems & Search Engine Optimization

Enter the content management system or CMS for short. From a website development perspective, it is easy to build a basic CMS. Fortunately for most programmers, many businesses do not require features that are too extensive or over-the-top.

That is why there are far more CMS software products on the market. The problem is that out of the billions of websites on the Internet, only a select few do not require search engine optimization.

The solution is to build websites using a search engine friendly content management system (usually shortened to SEO CMS). Very few exist on the planet and we have spent months searching for some to review. We are pleasantly surprised with what we found so far.

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