3d Cart Review

3d Cart is put out by a Florida-based company. Their shopping cart product includes installation, security and hosting, various shipping features, marketing and advertising features, and product management.


3d cart was designer to allow modifications to the title tag of each individual page, meta tags, and alt tags for images, on content pages, and on item pages. The software automatically creates breadcrumbs which saves time during the building of the site.

The company will create a custom design for your site for an additional fee (as needed). You do not need to know HTML to build your site because of the content management system.

The software allows you to import the products, setup the shipping/billing options, and submit your site to the search engines (if you really want to go that route). This shopping cart is offered at a monthly fee, with no contracts.


When you build your site, the default language is ASP, although the company claimed (via email) that they have a way of “tricking” the search engine spiders into seeing the pages as HTML to “spider it easier and more frequently.” The “more frequently” comment is disconcerting and highly unlikely.

With regards to page-naming, you can have permanent/static names for pages. However, they will be partly limited. For example, you will be able to use some keywords in the product page’s name such as:


The g-12 portion is meant to help the software understand which category to access. The addition of this part may or may not affect search engine optimization. At this time, it is fairly common to see pages named as the above and still see successes.

The 3d Cart website offers little by way of company descriptions or information.


3d Cart is worth looking into since it has many features of a search engine friendly shopping cart.

Visit the site: http://www.3dcart.com/

35 Comments on “3d Cart Review”

  1. Roger says:

    thanks this is a good site. I have 3d cart and have someone working on it for me but I trying to learn how to use it on my own.

  2. Sabastian says:

    After 5 years,they still didn’t get it right.
    I believe this company made a name on false advertising.
    If you do build a web site with 3d Cart, you will have a online catalog,but not web site.
    I am a shop factory (3d)user almost 5 yrs.
    I start with their version 6.Than I did updated to 7 gold.
    My site never ever been rank on the search engine what so ever.Until the last page of search,my category of products never seen on the search engines at all.
    I give my customer my web site address and they do their shopping.But they were already my customer.I have never ever been able to have new customer because of my web site.
    They promise a lot of things in their web site, regards to SEO friendly,powerful search and so on and on.This is not the case,they are lair.Because, when I mentioned the problem I am having with their software,reply was” we brought out new version shop factory 8 and we did pay great attention to address this problems and we did fix it.To able to have new fix software, I have to pay another 999.US dollar.I did check it out.
    What a joke, I mean this is beyond the joke.Just go to shop factory forum site and see, how many people are crying to have this problem all over again.
    It seems a lot of people lost their business because of this software.I am one of their victim.I am keep collecting evidence regards to their false advertising,And I am quite serious to go to court and sue the b…. I am in the business too, but I never ever cheat the people like 3d doing everyday.I got few people already on my side as a 3d user.
    It is simple to see their false advertising.
    When you click in search engine”shopping cart” why 3d never ranks?
    I search more than few pages, and they are still not there.Because, even them self don’t know how to make their own side SEO friendly, they can not, because there is no such a thing in their software.
    All I can say to people who wants to buy a shopping cart, do not go near 3D.Even if it is free,DO NOT. if you do, you will become a slave for your 3D.It will take all your time from your loved one.Because that’s it did to me last 4 yrs for nothing.
    Good luck to you all.

  3. Sabastian says:

    Because of this problem,I am working 20 hrs a day,last 4 months.
    What did I achieve? BIG NOTHING.
    Shame on you 3D.

  4. Ray says:

    I joined 3dCart as a customer about 2 months ago 8/2010 and do agree with several of the above negative comments already.
    On my own experience, 3dCart’s Tech support is clue-less or just bored. You feel like you are the problem, when in reality it turns out that their software has severe issues or shortcomings. 3dCart claims that Google checkout is integrated, when in reality it turns out that Google Checkout is nothing but an an add-on running separately to their checkout process. Google checkout, since not integrated but running as an ad-on, does not transmit Customer Information to 3dCart’s customer database. All together a pure scam in my opinion, considering 3dCart is telling potential customers on their website and on pre-sale WebPages that “Google Checkout is integrated “.
    I believe 3dCart is luring customers in by offering lower than normal monthly rates while making false statements. That allows them to charge the non-refundable setup fees (which are higher than their competition). After you signed up, you are then pretty much stuck with them and the empty promises they made to you before you signed up.

  5. 3dcartisshit says:

    How about 3dcart starts respecting their clients, deadlines and response time? They say they will answer phone calls within 3 minutes, tickets within 30 minutes. When phone calls actually take 40 minutes, and when someone picks up, it hangs up on you 1 out of 2 times, that’s 80 minutes waiting per call (when you are caller #2, I can’t imagine being caller #3,4,5,6,7…). Then the ticketing system took more than 24 hours for a response. Considering the simple request I had made, and the time it took to get it done, I have wasted thus far 2 business days, and still my request is not processed. I am furious. Other than their bad customer service (which is a crucial component of the important role that 3dcart plays in your business) I feel that they do not realize the important role that they play in our business and do not treat it as such.

  6. I don’t know what you guys are talking about when you say their pages aren’t seo friendly. You can totally create a title tag, description for every page. And, all of my pages have totally unique url’s that are always the same.

    Maybe you haven’t set something up right?

    And for those of you who aren’t having success with your stores – do you have a lot of content built around your store or do you just have a store with a bunch of products?

  7. angelhost says:

    3dcart reveiw I agree with Sebastain I have been with them for 6 years I cannot believe I hung in there I guess I put so much money into time and effort they got their money out of me . AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL they do not have it together NOT SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY . Never has been great cart for organization beautiful templetes NO SEARCH ENGINES PICK UP THE META TAGS OR ANYTHING ESLE They are all into selling carts not service .

  8. Jim says:

    I have a simple store. About the service. I had a problem. I called at 2 am on Monday morning. The guy said he would make a ticket and send it to the next level of support. I got up monday morning and the problem was fixed. They took care of my problem fine. Thanks, 3D.

  9. GAlexander says:

    Too bad I didn’t see your reviews before signing up with them on 3/14/11 to replace my malfunctioning shopcart (they were suggested by my current merchant provider Propay). Their fraudulent practices are even much greater than listed…They encourage you to register domain name with them and then register it in their own name (not your business), which basically equates to stealing new domain names (I’m still trying to get it transferred/changed to me)-Your “own domain name registered for free” as their sales people (Clarence) proudly deceive you is a lie + Trying to avoid 3dcart subdomain is impossible-Reason I purchased new domain was to avoid cart and website using their 3dcart name in address/url- What sales neglects to tell you is you need to pay an extra $149 for an individual SSL to accomplish this! As stated above reaching anyone knowledgeable by phone nearly impossible (unless you can stay on hold for greater than 30 mins) and chat staff useless and usually tell you they can’t help and to call! Run away from 3DCart- There are many other more reputable companies out there- Unfortunately for me most shopcarts not compatible with my Propay gateway, which is why I reluctantly signed up with them (Complete waste of time)- Now I must accept I need a new merchant gateway acct. to be able to use someone other than 3DCart.

  10. anteos says:

    I need to agree with all this review. Im not a super programmer and know well for programming, so I think 3d cart would be the best for me, but I was wrong. I paid 2k for making the custom website and it look so cheapo, I cant change it for sure, they should know what I really want then make it than robbing me to change the design again. the design team talk so snob, not helpfull at all and unfriendly at all. which makes me feel regret after paying deposit, and I never happy with how my website came out.

    uploading file is not easy. and its not cheap. I dont have a great fantastic sales with this. when its error, it tooks me 2 days for them to reply, without any good answer.
    The shipping is all looks like crap. they didnt think the easy way, they only know how to connect with DHL bla bla bla, but of course you need to make an account again with the shipping company.
    they cant make it simple esp Im not living in the US or canada. so I only need a simple button, INTERNATIONAL FLAT RATE SHIPPING. thats it. and I cant make it, because its not compatible. and its too troublesome.

  11. 3dcartsucks says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how rude their tech support is. Unbelievable wait times, customer service that borders on condesending. They took my website down to “move it” without contacting me other than an email that was sent so late in the day that it wasn’t received in time to PREVENT THEM FROM TAKING MY #1 RANKED ON GOOGLE WEBSITE DOWN ON THE DAY AFTER OUR BUSIEST DAY EVER!!

    After LONG wait times on tech support, getting transferred to voice mail that never gets returned then calling back, going through another LONG WAIT TIME being told the website will be down for up to 12 hours!!!

    What a bunch of assholes that care less about ME, their customer!!

  12. Bilal says:

    Thanks for all of your information i was about to sign up with 3d cart but after all these views you guys save my time and money thank you so much everybody.

  13. Brandon Sugano says:

    I am an ecommerce web developer and I have to say most of the above comments are wrong.

    I’ve built sites with 3dCart and have been more than happy with it. There are an amazing amount of features in the 3dCart package. For instance, the CRM is fast easy and great to use. Also the zoomify and themes are already built beautifully, so customizing them to fit is fast and EASY. There is basically only a couple of html template files that you have to modify to make a custom designed Ecommerce site. I signed up when this cart was 65.99 with a setup fee… Honestly, 3dCart is a web developers DREAM to work with… If your a designer/developer and can work your away around a template and if/then statements this cart is for you.

    The thing is a STEAL at 20 dollars a month and no setup fee as they currently have on their website. Definitely worth a look.

    BTW… All the sites I’ve done are google page rank 1 for their respective product keywords. It is definitely SEO friendly!

  14. 3DUser says:

    I disagree with most of the comments.

    I have used a few carts and test driven quite a few. We rank in the top 10 for many keywords in our field. We began a new site and started ranking, too. It’s not all about the cart; if you’re not using Google tools correctly you won’t rank- it’s that simple. Don’t blame the cart.

    I agree with some of the comments about tech support- they often claim it’s “fine on our end” instead of looking at the problem. Overall, however, 3D is one of the best solutions out there- they’re SEO friendly, easy to use, and well priced. Don’t knock this solution until you try it!

  15. aolans says:

    I just wanted to point out the sebastian is not even talking about 3dcart this is a different service.

  16. Mark says:

    Do not use 3dCart I had nothing but trouble over the year contact I had and their customer support is worse than most cell phone companies. Do you self a favor and look elsewhere.

    Very Unsatisfied customer!

  17. Davey Dave says:

    I have a very positive impression of 3dCart so far, but only where the pre-sales experience is concerned. Clarence Spencer has been very patient with my many, many questions, many of which border on Tech Support territory — and I’m not even a customer yet!

    Of course, he’s trying to get me to become one, but for the amount of detailed back-and-forth involved, I’m satisfied that for the price, 3dCart will be just fine, if not extraordinary (and yet I do expect them to be at least more than “just fine,” if not “extraordinary!”)….

  18. Laura says:

    FINE for the Little Man… BAD for Big Business.

    What have you guys gone to? We have been using 3D Cart for about a year. They come out with great sounding ideas like “deal of the day” and “make an offer” but they don’t work right. Months later of ticket after ticket being opened nothing is resolved. My guess, from a programmers viewpoint, is that they are a middle man (so to speak) who has purchased some sort of software system and is reselling it but has no idea how to use it. The affiliate links and the codes don’t work all of the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cancel codes and reenter them (not expired mind you) because they aren’t working. No reason, they just don’t. Customer service… well, like I said…they try but they have no clue. So, after my two thumbs down, where do we go from here? Any suggestions?

  19. Laura says:

    Btw… they implemented a new email system called “smarter mail”. It rarely works either. If you have a fan page, your customers will be chewing your ears off over emails not received. You’ll get some… but not all by any means.

  20. S.M. says:

    I am an SEO Manager/Developer and have managed several fortune 500 SEO campaigns and other eCommerce websites. In most software there are usually somewhat of short come. However service should be #1…most of the time is not the problem that really upset a client, it’s the fact that these problems tend to go on and on and because of that poor customer service…negative feedback is the results. However if any of you want a real SEO analysis on your eCommerce site – I will take a look at it completely FREE. A lot of times it’s usually a few things that are missed and can be quickly resolved without causing you to spend tons of money to fix. I have a 9 to 5 salary job and in NO way soliciting business and I am not looking to go into business again on my own. But after reading some of these post I had to comment in hopes that I can give you guys advice that can help boost your SEO campaigns.

  21. Joanne says:

    I am absolutely new to shopping carts (just looking into them now), but I have built a couple of websites. Just from my research, I can tell you that most of the complainers on this board didn’t do enough research. I did a lot of looking at carts and calling and asking questions. So for example, I know that you need to purchase your own SSL in order for your checkout and cart pages to read “domain.com” rather than “store.domain.com” or something similar that references 3d Cart. It was only after 8 or 10 hours of research that I believe I am able to make a proper decision. Research before you buy, and you’ll have a level of comfort and knowledge. Otherwise, frankly you’re showing that you’re not too swift.

  22. DO NOT use 3dCart!!!

    We have consistently had nothing but trouble over the past year or so. Their billing policies are worse than most utility and/or cell phone companies. Do you self a favor and look elsewhere!

    Very Unsatisfied customers!

  23. Linda says:

    I agree that their tech support does not seem to be very advanced in their knowledge but they have always answered the telephone or a chat line. As far as the SEO goes, it is what you make it. If you put in a title on every metatag and use the metatag wizard, along with putting in a few keywords, I guarantee you will rank. I was with another cart for 3 years with major coding headaches, etc, which I had to fix myself, and NEVER ranked within the top 2 pages. I have been on the front page with 3dcart since I joined and remain there. Remember, you do have to do some work. If you are not familiar with SEO, read a great book on it.

  24. Kathy says:

    My problem with them is that the changes I make do not save. I never know what I will get the next day. And it will change as I flip through the pages. They think I should just call them all the time. I don’t have hours to re-do. I sent in a ticket 2 days ago and I have not received a response. I was not thrilled with their service either. Sometimes it was a long wait. Twice they were going to send me something by email and when it did not come, they said they misspelled my email address. I’m going elsewhere which I came upon this site.

  25. Bob Thomas says:

    With all the negative comments, complaints, does anyone have options for a website/shopping cart?

  26. Rey Cruz says:

    I signup with 3dcart on March 11 2012, since then everything was uphill but manageable, til today, I was going to put more products to the site, when they out of nothing shutdown my website, I immediately chat with tech support, and he told me he couldn’t do anything I got all my payments since I try it on the monthly basis, not even a single email was sent to me, if it was a billing issue I’ll have at least 3 email stating overdue, but nothing, now I’m on the limbo, and what is worse is that I start getting customers from left to right, it’s a shame that I didn’t hear the bad reviews, since I only give 3dcart a try because it was the only one that I found that it was quickbooks merchant compatible. DO NOT TRY 3DCART, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

  27. Rey Cruz says:

    Hey Bob, I’m checking Nexternal, I just signup for more info today, let’s see, for now I was watching the videos and looks like is something worth to try at least free.

  28. Joe says:

    I’ve used 3dcart stores on and off again for my site hiddenhydroponics.com Im currently in the process of using a wordpress theme but im switching back to 3dcart stores. It mades it so much easier plus the super fast loading times help alot. I’ve never had any troubles getting ranked for google and other search engines using wordpress or 3dcart.

  29. Tamara says:

    I think 3dCart has a lot of advantages. Firstly, you are able to create a unique design with HTML & CSS. Moreover, you can add YouTube videos. Secondly, product management system includes customer product reviews and ratings and other useful information. Thirdly, marketing and SEO tools provide an opportunity to increase traffic. I recommend you to read one article, which includes 3dCart resume.goo.gl/UtqK0

  30. DL says:

    Well, all these reviews pretty much cover it although I will say I haven’t had issues with SEO but TRUST ME, everything else is insanely bad at 3dcart and it goes all the way to the top. I don’t see many reviews here that point out a a rogue agent and I can assure you, due to our many problems we’ve dealt with most of them and it’s just the culture of the company to first blame the customer, the customer’s settings, ISP, dog, whatever. The problem is you learn this stuff when it’s really too late to switch away. We’ve had a lot of issues with B2B sales and have had to do a lot of custom programming. One issue is their quickbooks plug in can only download and sort by a persons name, not business and this has been a nightmare and they can’t see the issue with this (they don’t think it’s a problem). Just stay away from these folks and do trust the reviews (the bad ones, I’m sure good ones are ‘tainted’)!

  31. Pam Rauseo says:

    So I purchased a design package from them on Valentines day with the promise that it would take 4-6 weeks to have it up and running. Short version is that I received it the 6th of May…

    They were unprofessional, unresponsive and incompetent. My site is still unranked despite the millions of adjustments I’ve made and continue to make. I would not recommend them to anyone..

  32. Steve says:

    Been with 3dcart about 3 years. They have gone down hill since. Lots of issues and no resolutions. A lot of what they promised did not happen. Products can not reside in more than one category. You can have links to the product in as many categories as you want, but the product always will reside in the first category added. This will cause your customers to be pulled out of the category they viewed the link in, and then get lost and drop off. Also there are lots of issues with shipping and drop ship orders. If one item ships for free and the other is drop shipped, then there are no options for shipping, unless you charge for shipping on both items. Paypal integration is horrible. The customers are sent back to your store and are confused about how to complete their order. If they wait too long the order times out and they are unable to complete the purchase with paypal or credit card or any other method. 3dcart doesn’t think any of these are bugs or problems. The interface with credit card processors is horrible. Your customer can make a mistake on their card number, date, CVV code, billing address and they won’t see the reason for the error. 3dcart only allows a very generic error message that says “your card can not be completed at this time” I’ve never seen this on any other shopping carts. Recently 3dcart added ebay integration. Lots of bugs and issues and they don’t offer any of the automotive categories, which makes it worthless to us. Amazon integration is offered by the competition, but if 3dcart decides to do it, you know they will mess it up. We are now looking for a new shopping cart.

  33. Linn says:

    I have had nothing but headaches for three years . They have us over the barrel for this holiday season . I can tell you that we just had 27 incomplete transactions . Customers calling we cannot check out Etc . This happened six months ago the same thing it was rectified and now it is happening again . It is a full time job just managing them . We have old discontinued products show back up available for sale after they have been deleted They will run you around until you are stupid and silly . Bottom line the techs have no idea what they are talking about until you get to a senior tech and good luck getting to one in under 4 hours . I will be pulling myself and all of my husbands customers that use them that we refer to through his accounting firm at the begging of the year .

  34. Alex says:

    Big problems with checkout.
    I’ve got 67 uncompleted orders in a week plus.
    Cùstomers complaining they can’t checkout…..they get a blank screen.

    No idea what to do.
    Very frustrated.

    Any programmers have advise or know of any good carts?

  35. Gonzalo Gil says:

    It’s 2016, and 3dcart is one of the most innovative and exciting all-in-one eCommerce solutions available today. Numerous platform updates and countless features have been released since SEO Shopping Cart’s 2010 review, including platform version 7.0, a powerful POS system, a conversion-optimized Checkout Experience, robust REST API, and top-of-the-line services like myWebmaster, Managed Google Shopping packages, SEO, Design, and more.

    3dcart also offers more advanced SEO tools than any eCommerce platform. All 3dcart websites are generated in HTML and custom file names can be used to create any name of your choosing (it doesn’t need to include the generated URL). Furthermore, 3dcart allows store owners to dominate search engines with SEO tools like canonical URLs, robots.txt editor, 301 redirects, dynamic meta tags, a built-in blog, Google Analytics integration, and a fully search engine optimized store.

    With more than 160 payment solutions, support for real-time shipping rates from all major carriers, and an easy-to-use, intuitive admin interface, 3dcart is ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Offering 1000+ built-in features, a massive app store, and 99.9% uptime guarantee, 3dcart allows anyone to build and manage a beautiful online store.

    And of course, no all-in-one eCommerce solution is complete without awesome support, which is why 3dcart offers world-class 24/7/365 Technical Support. 2015 saw 3dcart’s support team completely revamped from the ground up, which introduced new continual training, the addition of more team members, and all-around better customer service for 99% customer satisfaction.

    You can check out all of 3dcart’s exciting features by visiting: http://www.3dcart.com.

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