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searchfit-ecommerce-platformThe founders of the SearchFit e-commerce software planned and developed their platform after many years of less than satisfactory experiences with other similar solutions. With more than a decade of practicing search engine optimization strategies under their belts they set off to create their own contender – an auspicious decision that now benefits many.

As with many e-commerce platforms, it’s goal was to provide a straightforward and reliable way of selling products online while maintaining online visibility through search engines for the purpose of generating organic traffic. Testing out the latest version of the software it is clear that they have not wavered from their initial goals as SearchFit has developed an e-commerce application that is relatively simple to use yet allows for a multitude of customizable options.


It is often those in the search engine optimization industry who spend a significant amount of time evaluating and testing SEO features in web application, especially if an objective is to acquire new customers through search engine results. When reviewing an online shopping cart the running joke will be that there should be a SEO button that takes care of all the naming schemes automagically. SearchFit hasn’t harnessed magical powers yet, but they’ve come awfully close to fulfilling the optimization dream.

The SEO section of the SearchFit platform allows you to customize your products, categories and pages in a much simpler way than is provided by their competitors. Instead of forcing you to update the search engine details for each product, category and page individually, SearchFit allows you to provide naming rules that will generate names and meta information all at once for a host of fields (yes, including images, product links, and menus). This isn’t a one-size fits all feature either and if you would prefer a particular product to have a specific configuration, usually to take advantage of popular keywords, you can do so, all while preserving canonical links.

Aside from the SEO benefits, SearchFit has an agreeable interface. It is common for e-commerce platforms, especially those designed by a team that has not focused on accessibility and usability in the past, to be convoluted and overwhelming providing a myriad of field names without a comfortable way of navigating from section to section. Not so with SearchFit. This platform is attractive with clearly labelled sections that reduce the time needed to get to specific options quickly.

SearchFit also has an active community coupled with fantastic customer service that helps a great deal when having trouble achieving a particular end. Questions are responded to clearly, quickly and succinctly. This makes stepping into your first e-commerce website much less cumbersome and time-consuming.


The main limitation isn’t truly a limitation as such but rather an aspect of e-commerce that is difficult to circumvent: you need to learn about e-commerce before you’ll even begin to understand the structure of an e-commerce solution. Unlike some other applications, SearchFit doesn’t guide you through a step-by-step process for every possible field nor does it attempt to teach you about what you should already know before embarking on an online storefront venture. It expects you to have an understanding of how to set up your website and if you don’t know how you’ll certainly spend some time in study.

The price might also be a deterrent for come potential users in that it is a hosted solution that requires a monthly fee. Fortunately, SearchFit provides several different options from, Basic to Enterprise-level, to choose from allowing you to upgrade your package as it because necessary so that newcomers to the online store game can test-run this solution without worrying about their bottom line. Compared to some of their competitors the fees required to maintain your online shopping cart SearchFit can be classified as middle-of-the-road


The SEO advantage alone should encourage you to at least inspect this e-commerce solution. SearchFit understands that building a beautiful, functional web storefront that isn’t visible by search engines is akin to opening up a retail store in the middle of the desert. Grand opening or not you’ll be hard-pressed for clients.

From the front-end user’s perspective, you can expect your visitors to quickly find whatever products they are looking for as the SearchFit e-commerce platform provides a very intuitive interface. It also integrates nicely into your existing website without having to manage your server differently allowing for a consistent website experience for your visitors while taking on the burden of managing a server to handle your e-commerce needs.

In the e-commerce industry there are many choices to choose from, some walk the walk and attempt to be more than they are. Others are excellent but are lost in obscurity. SearchFit is a cross between both camps: it promises and it delivers.

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