Wordpress CMS Review

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software. It has been around since 2003 and since that time has gone through many changes. Automattic was the first company to develop the software to a large extent but the trademark was eventually given to the WordPress Foundation.


WordPress is open source software, meaning that you can download it for free. The main reason WordPress is so successful is that it has a virtual army of contributors made up of programmers from around the world. These programmers create what’s called a “plugin” (some people may find it easier to think of it as an APP that’s downloaded to an iPhone to make it carry out a particular function). Once you install the software, you can add as many plugins as you want which makes the base product much more than it is at face value.

Out of the box (sometimes with a minor settings adjustment), WordPress has some great SEO features such as being able to name URLs (e.g., www.yourwebsite.com/name-this-part-whatever-you-want/). There are a couple of very popular major SEO plugins (All In One and SEO by Yoast) and many smaller ones that do various SEO-related functions.


Far too many people are attracted by the free nature of this open source solution. The installation of the base product generates a simple website. If you need anything more (and probably 99% of businesses do need something more), expect to hire an experienced company to handle the changes you need.

The problem with plugins is that when WordPress upgrades to a new version, it tends to break many plugins which are automatically outdated. If the plugin creator decides not to upgrade their plugin, you may have a hard time (or an expensive time) to fix it.

Large sites tend to be very slow and Google doesn’t like that (although there is caching plugins to help with that issue).

There are some security issues with WordPress as it has become a target for many hackers. Perhaps most importantly, installations must be kept up to date.


For small businesses, WordPress is a good choice for use as a CMS. It is flexible from an SEO perspective but will require the help of a programmer to take it beyond its status as a simple CMS. In the longterm, expect to hire a programmer from time to time to upgrade the site and keep it working properly.

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