About This Website

SEOShoppingCarts.com was launched as a free service 2005. At the time, it was nearly impossible to find relevant Internet marketing-related information that was related to e-commerce or content management systems. Several companies had claimed to be the “only” product on the market that was search engine optimizable. They also claimed to have the ability to increase sales but there was no evidence of that, other than their own claims. There was a lot of confusion among e-commerce software users that was scattered around various forums. SEO Shopping Carts developed a new evaluation system, part of which you can learn about in the classification system.

Our team consists of search engine optimization specialists, Internet marketers, and web design and programming professionals who, once upon a time, sought a search engine friendly shopping cart and content management system review website just like this one. It did not exist and so we decided to build it and provide free information for everyone. The Internet is a big place and this should help it become a little smaller. We encourage you to read the reviews which can help you make a more informed decision.

The Goal

The goal of the reviews on this website is not to provide an exhaustive list of great and not-so-great features of the various offerings. Rather, the original goal was to focus on basic SEO elements. As Internet marketing has become more complex, the analyses will now cover more extensive needs of website owners and e-commerce users. For example, does the cart have the ability to integrate such features as email marketing, and the extent to which web design and SEO companies can develop and work with particular SEO shopping carts. The end goal of any e-commerce platform is to increase sales and if they a product offers multiple ways to generate sales and get clients to return, then all the better.

Press & Coverage

The website quickly took off and was featured in WebProNews which added to its clout. The various reviews and website itself have been and continue to be discussed in many forums, blogs and blog comments, and other websites.

New Design & Website Updates

From time to time, relatively minor updates were made and in April 2010, the site was re-launched with a new design.


While we do not directly sell any of the shopping cart systems, we do offer professional SEO consulting, search engine marketing (SEM) training, web design, and full e-commerce website development services. Just contact us for more information.

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