ProductCart is a shopping cart that was developed by Early Impact, a San Francisco-based company.


ProductCart is a versatile shopping cart that is competitive among the search engine friendly shopping carts. It allows users to create a template for stores but also vary the other pages on the site so they don’t have to look overly generic.

While the website pages are written in ASP, following some relatively easy instructions, one can have HTML code in the pages so that it can be worked into your website’s design.

You can add a <title> tag but it is limited to the product’s name which was typed in elsewhere. Meta-tags are an option as well but you have to set the site up with meta-tag include files since it’s not directly built in.

Users do exert some control over the breadcrumbs which is determined automatically by the category structure. If you want to make any modifications, the software allows for some customization.

ProductCart offers a number of other features which may be of interest. The software allows for multiple pricing, discounts and payment terms. This is useful for companies who want their online store to sell on wholesale and retail levels.

Next, it offers custom payment options which some customers may want. The software integrates dynamic shipping calculations, depending on which postal service is being used, with a choice of UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Canada Post. You can also offer discounts and manage an affiliate program.

There are several add-ons that allow users to take even more advantage of the software. These add-ons include a system to make it easy to export to Froogle (Google’s shopping system), use of Quickbooks, and others.

While some shopping cart company websites offer almost nothing by way of obvious support, this company’s website has a decent knowledge database from which users can access information. This is impressive in terms of support.


The .ASP nature of this product means that you can name pages as ASP files (for example: However, it seems that you can only use underscores and not hyphens.

Having to customize some of the features such as meta-tags. Although, it should be easy to work from once completed.


This is an impressive offering for small and medium-sized companies. It contains many elements of a search engine friendly shooping cart and has many useful additional features.

Early Impact, the product’s maker does not provide direct web design or development services so if you intend to purchase this product and need these professional services, contact us.

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