Nuvocore SEO CMS Review

Nuvocore is the first content management system that was developed from the ground up with specific goal of providing clients with the most search engine friendly CMS that also made it easy to publish in many languages.

The software continues to be updated by its innovative creators, based in Montreal, Canada.


Nuvocore proved to be an extremely flexible multilanguage SEO CMS. The system makes it possible to create pages with many aspects of SEO built-in right from the start. For example, there are form fields for the Title tag, meta-tags, Alt-tags, and so on.

For SEO, the menu system is very feature-rich with respect to page naming. In fact, it’s almost too flexible for the novice admin who needs to create new pages.

The system handles multiple languages better than any other system that we’ve seen to date. Website administrators simply have to click on a tab to change languages. The system is fairly modular, making it easy to change one language without having an effect on the other(s). We tested a bunch of languages in the WYSIWYG editor including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Hebrew. All of them worked well. The developers say that Nuvocore is such a flexible multilingual tool that it can handle over 100 languages.

One interesting feature is the robust nature of the administrator roles. You can easily provide access to a one page or create a category of users who have limited access to certain parts of the site.

The software provides a basic registration system which can be customized or developed further by the company. Due to its flexible nature, clients can hire the Nuvocore team itself to customize it. That’s a major bonus given that most large companies use CMS software that has limited them in many ways, including not being able to change with the times.

The system can be modified to handle very basic ecommerce if you use PayPal.


The navigation menu system is so overly customizable (for SEO purposes) that it is a little less intuitive than it could be. Future versions of the software will hopefully account for that point.

The company is working on additional features that will make it an even more interesting and useful product such as social media networking tracking, project management, and others. For now, it is best used as an SEO CMS.

You can only purchase the software from the company itself that will install it on a server on your behalf.


If your company requires a website that lends itself to situations involving multiple languages, search engine optimization, and easy web content management, this is the product for you want to look at. Don’t get us wrong, even if your website is in one language (English or otherwise) this is an excellent software offering.

Companies with specific needs such as requiring multiple languages, considering SEO to be an important ROI-generating business requirement, or those that would like to provide differential administative access to different individals or departments, or has offices around the world can easily benefit from this product.

In sum, Nuvocore is a strong product that will expand in features as it dominates its niche market.

Visit Nuvocore SEO CMS for more info.

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