Go E Cart (or GoECart) Review

The Go E Cart (or GoECart) e-commerce solution was developed by MachroTech LLC, a Connecticut and India-based software development company. The company recognizes that thinking beyond a shopping cart is important which is why they hope their offering will help get a better return on investment than other methods such as pay per click advertising.

The company offers flexibility and will work with you on a unique project. Due to this fact, their software is used by Fortune 500 companies such as Pitney Bowes, Bose Stereo, and AT&T.


One nice aspect of Go E Cart is that the company recognizes the value in getting target market visitors to a website who will purchase your product or service. With that in mind they developed an e-commerce solution that is search engine friendly.

This shopping cart accounts for website structure, making it spider-friendly. This is not to say that other SEO shopping carts do not do the same, but Go E Cart specifically highlights it as being a part of their features.

Go E Cart has many features of a search engine friendly shopping cart including meta-tags, alt tags, and breadcrumb trails (automatically done based on category structure). It was designed with some flexibility such as different alt-tags on thumbnails versus larger images. Granted this is a minor feature but other tidbits might help your SEO work and ultimately generate more leads and sales.

Go E Cart features an automatic system that differentiates meta tags for each new product or category that is created. Users have the option of optimizing the meta tags manually as needed. One interesting feature is that this can be done one at a time or in bulk by using the product import utility.

This e-commerce solution is impressive, with a built-in WYSIWYG editor, content management system, image manager, and link management system for links within the site and for outbound links. You can also design your own store or use one of their templates.


Go E Cart uses an ASP system which allows for page naming but only using underscores, not hyphens. For example, pages will look like this: www.you.com/this_is_a_product.asp. In competitive markets, many would refer to have hyphens in their page names, and others would also want HTML pages (although there is not much difference between HTML and ASP when it comes to serving search engine spiders).


GoECart was designed with improving businesses, offering numerous features of a search engine friendly website.

Visit the site: http://www.goecart.com/

4 Comments on “Go E Cart (or GoECart) Review”

  1. David says:

    This is a sad excuse for an ecommerce company. Their developers are in the India (the owner is an Indian). Their code is ancient and the interfaces look as though they were written in the 80’s. They lie to get your business, saying they can do “anything” then they deliver nothing. Support is terrible. Everyone hands you off to the Knowledgebase or says that’s just the way it works. It isn’t flexible at all and very expensive. There are much better platforms out there where the company actually cares about their customers. I’m amazed this company actually has any customers.

  2. Jeff says:

    Awful company. We have made the mistake of dealing with them for years to avoid the hassle of switching to an actual business. Technical support is severely lacking, they charge you an arm and a leg for everything and if you want to add basic functionality that should be in the system, they charge you for “customization” and then add it to their system to make it better. So basically YOU pay to help them improve their system.

  3. Alex says:

    GoEcart’s target client is the already established merchant looking for mid to high level ecom platform. If you are a small to midsize store and have been using the “off the shelf” offerings like Yahoo Small Business, Volusion, Big Commerce, OS commerce, Network Solutions, Pinnacle, etc then GoEcart might not be for you. If your ecom has out grown these these, then you might want to look to GoEcart. GoE is going to be $500-$800 per month vs $30-$150 for those others named here. Of course the per month fee is meaningless if improved sales justify this expenditure. Yes most of their developments is done overseas.

  4. Lynn says:

    GoEcart is big on promises but short on results. Customer service is not what you would expect for the money you spend on a monthly basis. I would not recommend this cart to anyone. I hope that others read this before investing in this system.

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